The Effects of Monthly Plant Mail

So you’ve been thinking about subscribing to a monthly plant subscription, but you have a few reservations. You may be wondering, “What exactly happens when I receive a new plant every month? What are the effects that such a decision may have on me?” Maybe you even have a friend or coworker who already has a monthly plant subscription, and they just seem too happy all the time. Could you handle that amount of happiness on a monthly basis? Will it be scary? We’d like to help alleviate your concerns and breakdown exactly what transpires when you begin receiving a new plant each month from The Plant Dads.

Your Mood Will Improve

First of all, you’ll become so much happier! No longer will you only have Christmas and your birthday to look forward to throughout the long and hellish year. Every thirty days, you’ll have a lovely little plant delivered right to your home! What a treat!

Plus, the type of plant will be a surprise! Will it be a Monstera? A succulent? Perhaps a type of Pothos? What even is a Pothos? Well now you’ll know, because you’re going to be so interested in each plant that you’ll start researching each one you receive. You’ll become a plant expert and will have found a whole new hobby!

You’ll No Longer Be Afraid of the Mail

The mail stinks. What a miserable part of your day getting the mail is. The grim walk to the mailbox, hands trembling as you reach for the door, anticipating some dreadful letter or bill.

All of this will be but a memory for you, as now you know that perhaps today’s the day that your new plant friend will be arriving! Now your walk to the mailbox is filled with joy and elated anticipation. It’s not even a walk, it’s a skip! You’re skipping daily to the mailbox! No utility bill can take that away from you!

You’ll Have Conversation Starters

Good grief… small talk is the worst. Having to be around a stranger and talk about life’s minutia is mind-numbing. Yes, it is raining today. Yes, I also heard it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow. What. Ever. What’s worse than small talk? Awkward silences! Suddenly you’re yearning for more of that juicy weather talk.

Well fortunately for you, you receive a new plant every month! Get out your phone, you know you have photos! Show off your new Painted Anthurium and tell the story of how it’s starting to blossom a new flower! Folks will be captivated! And only a few weeks later, you’ll have even more photos! Photos of when the plant was small, and new photos of the plant a little bigger! The conversations never end!

You’ll Have More Social Media Followers

Speaking of all those new photos, post them online! People will love to see pics of your plants, and they’ll click ‘like’ and they’ll share them! And they’ll follow or friend you! You might even become a new social media influencer! Folks will start modeling their plant shelves off of your images! They won’t be able to get enough, constantly refreshing their social media accounts waiting for another photo of your plant collection!

You’ll Become Popular

Of course you will! Who doesn’t want to be friends with someone like you? People will be so impressed with your fascinating conversations, constant good mood, and social media popularity. Plus, they won’t be able to get over how you walk to the mailbox! You’ll be the talk of the town!

You’ll Receive a New Plant Every Month

Perhaps this one is a bit obvious, but it’s certainly not to be overlooked. Maybe we were joking or exaggerating with the other effects we’d mentioned, but this one is certainly true. Every single month, until you cancel, you’ll receive a new plant at your house. A succulent, a pet-friendly plant, or a mystery plant (depending on which subscription you’ve selected) will arrive at your door every thirty days. It’ll be the best thing you’ll get in the mail since your aunt sent you that fifty-dollar bill back when you were ten!

If you’re now convinced to become a subscription member, you can explore our monthly subscription boxes here. We have different options that match what you’re looking for, and all our packages come with free shipping. You won’t have to worry about a thing, other than where to place your new plant friends!

Happy Planting! 💚

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