A collection of plants in front of a fireplace.

18 Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Plants

Plants can play such a big role in any living space. Be it a small succulent on a shelf, or an entire room dedicated to your houseplant collection, indoor plants have a great impact on you and your visitors alike.

Perhaps because I'm a bit of a plant-weirdo, but I'm always checking out the plant choices at friends' houses whenever I visit and taking mental notes of ideas I'd like to try. Half the time when I'm watching a television show I'll miss dialogue because I'm thinking about the placement of a random Monstera... thinking frustratedly to myself, "There's no way that plant would be that big. That hallway has no windows!"

Whether you'd like to make a statement or be a little more subtle, here are our picks for 18 fun ideas that you can use to decorate your home or office with plants.

1. Good Morning, Sunshine!

A plant hanging over a bed from a nightstand.
What better way to wake up in the morning than with a hanging plant coming off your nightstand?
Replace a pesky table lamp with this clever idea... and do the same with the other side of your bed for a great, symmetrical sleeping space!










2. Dedicated Shelves

A collection of plants and plant-propagation on a book shelf.
It's one thing to have a bookshelf with a couple of plants peppered throughout, but it's even better to have a dedicated plant shelf with a few books on it!

This plant lover is even using the space to have a bit of a propagation workspace set up, a great use of the extra space!

(featured in picture: Golden Pothos)








 3. Take Advantage of Window Space

A brightly-lit windowsill covered in houseplants.

This may seem a bit obvious, but make sure to take advantage of your window sills! The spaces in front of your windows provide great shelving options for plants, and provide ample light! 

East-facing windows are optimal for plants with variegated leaves, as they'll get a decent amount of sun in the morning when the rays are at their weakest. Too much sun for these types of plants have a tendency to burn the leaves.






4. Create an Indoor Sanctuary

A large art-deco style room filled with a variety of plants.

Take as much of the outside as you can fit in pots and place them all around your room! This idea definitely brings the outdoors in, and creates a great jungle-like look to your space!

You'll need to be blessed with a room with plenty of large windows for this concept to really thrive, but if you're fortunate enough to have such a room, enjoy!









 5. Accent a Wall

A cabinet with a stereo system and a few plants.

Sometimes, a little goes a long way. A handful of plants spread about a large piece of furniture or wall is a great way to add a pop of color to an otherwise bland space! 

(featured in picture: ZZ Plant)





6. Focus on the Plants You Love

A very long wooden shelf with dozens of succulent plants.

Everyone has a favorite type of plant... figure out what that is for you and run with it! Create a whole collection of succulents (or whatever your favorite plants are) and line an entire wall with them!

(featured in picture: Succulents)










7. Make Plants the Theme

A plant-themed room, with plant wallpaper and a plant-themed lamp shade.

Rather than a few plants scattered about, how about making plants the entire theme of the room! This concept uses plant wallpaper, plant-themed lampshades, and a variety of plants throughout... making for one green room! 

8. Have a Statement Piece

A modern living room with a single Bird of Paradise plant against the wall.

In contrast of #7, a plant-free room with one large statement plant is a fantastic way to liven up a space! Just make sure the statement plant you choose is large enough to really make an impact on your design!

(featured in picture: Bird of Paradise)

9. Create an Indoor Reading Nook

A person reading a book in a chair surrounded by large plants.

Perhaps you only have a few plants in your entire house or apartment... how about gathering them all together to create this garden-inspired reading nook! This is perfect for city-dwellers who don't get to enjoy a backyard or a park too frequently! 

 (featured in picture: Bird of Paradise)










10. Go Big in Small Spaces

A small sitting area with two red chairs and a large plant in the corner of the room.

A creative way to make a small space feel larger is with an oversized plant. The largeness of a giant plant may feel crowded at first, but can give the illusion that a space is slightly larger. Plus, it provides a bit of cluttercore to your room! 

11. Admit You're Addicted

A room with scores of plants everywhere.

You've got plants. Lots of 'em. You're not changing, and we don't want you to! 

This style idea is for anyone who is able to start a nursery from their home in a moment's notice. Rather than making plants the theme of a room, make it the theme of your entire home. Scatter them, hang them from the ceiling, and place them any dang place there's an empty few inches!








12. Have Fun with Vines

A vining plant in the corner of a brick walled-room.

Most vining plants are fairly inexpensive and can grow many times over their original size. Vines are a great way to fill a space, trailing them along bookshelves or kitchen counters. Over time, they'll transform any room into a green sanctuary. (Plus, there's something therapeutic about spending some time each week guiding your vines to where you want them to go!)









13. Mix and Match

A mismatch of different plants in a white room.

This is dedicated to Frasier Crane and his "eclectic" furniture style. Rather than trying to have your plants fit into some sort of theme, just create a collection of plants you love and gather them together!

The only thing that really matters with this decorating concept is that the random plants you gather all have the same lighting needs, as they're going to be in a shared space and receiving the same amounts of sunlight.

 (featured in picture: ZZ Plant)







14. Create a Peaceful Home Office

A peaceful home office with ambient lighting, a salt rock and laptop on a wooden desk, and a collection of small houseplants.

For many, life after 2020 has become spending hours and hours everyday in your home office. Why not dress it up to make it a space you enjoy being in? Drop a few plants around your desk and computer to create a space that's perfect for work and contemplation.










15. Elongate a Room with Hanging Plants

A white room with hanging plants coming down from the ceiling.

Hanging plants from the ceiling can elongate your room, making any space feel a little larger. There are all sorts of plants that do great in hanging planters, as well as vining plants that you can let droop down into your space!











16. Take Advantage of Artificial Light

A dark room with lightbulbs hanging off a wire and shining onto small planters.

Though sunlight is preferred, many plants do alright with artificial light, as well! Just because a room doesn't receive the most sunlight doesn't mean it's a room where plants can't grow. These lightbulbs work well, but a dedicated Grow Light can also work wonders for your indoor plants!










17. Dress Up Your Kitchen

A kitchen countertop with snake plants on the windowsill.

Make sure not to neglect your kitchen when you're decorating your home with your plant collection! Plants instantly make a kitchen more inviting, and give off the vibe of a healthy space. Many restaurants decorate their bartops with whole limes or lemons to give a "fresh" effect to their patrons... do the same with entire plants in your kitchen!

(featured in picture: Snake Plant)

18. Start Small

Two small succulent plants on a wooden shelf at the end of a white hallway.

Every plant-lover starts somewhere! Take the first step with a small plant or two, and watch them grow overtime with your care and commitment. If the plant dies, it's okay. There are more for sale and they're not that expensive. As with everything in life, plants are a learning experience that you can enjoy for many years to come!










Houseplants are a great way to decorate any room in your home. Don't let a lack of sunlight, or a lack or experience, stop you from playing around with different decorating styles with plants! Do a little research, make sure you pick the right plants for your space, and have fun creating a greener space to live in!

Make sure to check out our 5 Best Indoor Plants for Beginners. If you're thinking of trying artificial plants first, read our picks for The Best Fake Plants for Your Home!

~Happy Planting! 💚

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