A Chinese Money Plant in a blue ceramic pot.

How to Grow Chinese Money Plants

The Chinese Money Plant goes by many different names. Its botanical name is Pilea peperomioides, but colloquially is known as the pancake plant or coin plant. One look at the plant's unique leaves and you'll immediately understand how it got these fun names.

Though the plant originates from China, it has found great popularity in Scandinavia. The Chinese Money Plant has become a favorite of plant enthusiasts in the states over the last few years, with some interested shoppers reporting difficulties in locating them at their local nurseries. If you're interested in purchasing a Chinese Money Plant, you can do so right here from The Plant Dads!

Another alternative to getting a Chinese Money Plant of your own is by finding a friend with an already established plant and looking around the top layer of soil of their planter! Chinese Money Plants produce small plantlets, or "baby plants," that can easily be cut from the mother plant and re-potted. Just make sure there are at least a few leaves on the new sprout before removing them from the original root.

Chinese Money Plants grow slowly, thus providing you with a lesson in patience if you're hoping for a larger plant quickly. At their largest, they tend to grow to about eight to twelve inches. Mature Chinese Money Plants form a mound of sorts with their leaves in the pot, which is a unique look from the rest of your plant collection!

These plants are fairly simple for anyone to care for, and don't require too much attention from you. They prefer being under-watered rather than over-watered, making them perfect for plant beginners or those of us who are a little forgetful. The plant comes with a helpful reminder pre-installed for when it needs water, as the plant's leaves start drooping. A good watering when the soil is dry, and the plant will perk right back up in no time.

Bright, indirect sunlight is ideal for the Chinese Money Plant. The leaves have a tendency to burn if they're left in direct sunlight, so just make sure you locate an appropriate location in your home for your plant friend. If you notice that the leaves are looking burnt, just move the plant to a different location.

With the plantlets that your Chinese Money Plant will produce, you'll be sure to eventually have more plants for other pots in your home, or the perfect gifts to hand out to friends and family!

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~Happy Planting! 💚

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