Don't Snooze on the ZZ Plant!

Man, this plant is the EASIEST to have in any part of your home!

The ZZ Plant, also known as the Zanzibar Plant, is native to East Africa, but has found its way into many homes over the last few decades. It's incredibly easy to care for, and great at adapting to different light situations. Though they're recommended to receive indirect sunlight, we have them in some dimmer areas of our home and they continue to flourish. A manager of a local restaurant recently told me that she's had a ZZ plant in a windowless portion of her dining area for years with no problems at all! These plants are troopers!

The ZZ Plants do grow in occasional rapid bursts, so I've found myself tying different stems together or to a strategically-placed wooden dowel to keep them from going all over the place. 

If you're just getting into the world of indoor plants, the ZZ plant is the way to go! They're budget-friendly, low-maintenance, and will continue to grow for years! 


Indirect sunlight is recommended, but they truly do great adapting to most lighting environments. They're able to store light in their dark green leaves. Also, too much sun can actually damage their leaves.


Most any soil found in the store will work perfectly for these guys. They don't seem to be too picky with their dirt!


The ZZ Plant can live outdoors if you'd like, but should be brought inside when it gets too cold, definitely before temperatures reach freezing. Better yet, The Plant Dads suggest just enjoying them indoors year-round!


I tend to water our ZZ Plants weekly, putting the pot in the sink and letting the water drain out the bottom. Over-watering can be an issue with them, so once the soil totally dries out is a good indication that it's time to add water.

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